Friday, September 08, 2006

The Dreaded Annual - Part 5

I am writing this series in an accelerated manor, but needles to say it took awhile to finish 36G's first annual. In fact, it took about an annual to do the annual. That said, however, it was worth every minute. 36G's bad rivets days are behind her. She is a top notch machine now. She's probably more in spec now than when she came off of the assembly line.

Here are some photos of the work in progress:

36G was a convertible for awhile as we pulled the roof to make the new thick glass fit better.

The above is the new super sound deading insulation. What a great job! Every inch of the surface is covered. This is much better that the cheap insulation that came with her. Add in the 10x thicker glass and we will get 10db or better sound reduction in the cockpit.

The above is a picture of the horizontal/vertical stabilizer off of the plane an on a saw horse!

And here she is now...

Check out that glass, the paint, the everything! Wow what a difference. From an airframe perspective 36G is back and better than ever. She's actually getting 5 knots better than book true air speed and flys perfectly straight. The Midwest Mooney team nailed it!

Next on the list is upgrading the circa 1980's avionics...


Anonymous said...

what did the annual cost?
Do you think a 231 with a auto wastegate and intercooler is close to a 252?

Jim Kerr said...

Suffice of to say, the Annual was big $$.

The 231 is a very nice plane. An auto waste gate greatly reduces cockpit workload and will likely save the engine.