Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We're close, but no cigar

I'm happy to report that I visited with 252Q last week, but sad to say she's not quite ready to come home. The drawback with creating a highly customized scheme is it is difficult to gage how long it will take to complete. The saying that "All good things come to those that wait" come to mind as I left 252Q and flew back home to Chicago :(

Thought you'd like to see some more photos of Chris Wells laying out 252Q's scheme. His attention to the small details is quite impressive. I also quizzed him on every aspect of the paint scheme I could think of and he was able to answer most questions form the top of his head or turn directly to the page referencing what I was asking about. He was not only able to do this with my plane, but he was able to describe in detail what every airplane I pointed to in the shop was going to look like when painted.

I also spent quite a bit of time with lots of people that work at Tejas. I met mechanics, painters, general laborers, etc. Everyone I met seems to like what they do, they take pride in their work and are clearly experts in their fields. This is the first time that I've been out on a floor of a maintenance facility and didn't hear people griping about their jobs, counting down the time to leave, etc. The Tejas team rocks!

Can you pick out 252Q?
Even though this isn't the final product, she certainly isn't looking like the typical airplane you'd find on a ramp. If all goes well tomorrow they will be applying the next color -- Blue.

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