Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Paint Step 2: Medium Silver

Here are some photos of the Tejas team applying Gray. The design is slowly starting to revel itself. It will really pop when they apply the next color -- Blue.

These guys are serious about their work. They wear a space suit whenever they are in the paint booth in order to keep particle contamination to a minimum. The slightest bit of dust in the paint will ruin an otherwise perfect paint job.

NOTE: Check out the Filters above the hangar door. The air is micron filtered and the entire booth is positively pressurized with air. The Tejas paint facility is engineered to push all unwanted dust and particles away form the airplane. They also raise the temp considerably in the room in order to reduce humidity and cure the paint.

The finish on the wing is spectacular!

We are running a bit tight on schedule, but we are getting very close to the finish line. The project should be finalized next week.

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