Sunday, April 20, 2008

$100 Hamburger - Madison Airport, WI (KMSN)

The weather is finally getting better in the Midwest, so my wife and I decided it would be a good day to find ourselves a $100 dollar hamburger. We wanted to go somewhere new, so I turned to my secret weapon -- The Adventure Pilot website -- to help me find a place to go. I found Dane County Regional Airport-Truax Field in Madison, Wisconsin (KMSN), which is about 128 miles form Chicago.

It was a bit hazy out today, but the winds were calm and there were less potholes in the sky than on the road driving to the airport. The flight to KMSN was spectacular!

The Airport
I was pleasantly surprised when taxing onto the Ramp at Madison. Wisconsin Aviation has excellent line crew. They were out in force directing arriving and departing aircraft. They have ample ramp space for virtually any sized bird and were quite accommodating. It is clear they are use to transient traffic and quick turns.

The FBO - Wisconsin Aviation
The inside of the FBO was clean and looked new. The lobby was spacious. They also have very comfy seats that all have a great view of the ramp and runway via the floor to ceiling windows.

The FBO has Aviation History theme throughout the building. They have an area dedicated to Black History in Aviation, a nice photo wall documenting 100 years of Aviation and they even have an old typewriter and an original teletype machine.

The Restaurant
After my experience on the ramp and with the FBO, the restaurant had some big shoes to fill. I'm happy to report they lived up to those expectations. They have a large seating area that includes numerous seats at the counter. They, like the FBO, also have an impressive view of the ramp and runway.

The Food
Last time I broke the tradition and had a club sandwich. This time held firm a had the Hamburger. The Wisconsin folks create what they call a butter burger. They actually cook the burger in butter -- YUM! Of course being in the home of Dairy products, they use the best cheese you'll have anywhere. Suffice of to say, the food was awesome and the service was fast!

By the way, they also appear to have a killer breakfast. I'm putting this place on my list for the $100 omelet next time!

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Anonymous said...

Shhh...the Jet Room's breakfast is the best in Madison and is also one of the best kept secrets in Madison as very few actually know there is a restaurant at the airport. Sooooo....goooood.....