Monday, May 19, 2008

Way too busy!

It has been a busy time in my life since I brought 252Q home. Every day the weather has been horrendous or something surfaced that has kept me form the airport (and updating the blog). I did get a chance to get out to the airport on Sunday. I flew 252Q around the patch a few times while the wind was gusting to 23 knots. The Micro Aerodynamics VG's have made a huge difference in handling characteristics. Crosswind landings are much easier now than before. I was also able to slow up and maintain solid control even with the unpredictable gusts. I was landing and making the first turnoff no problem.

As soon as I get time, I will do a full flight test and detailed review of the VG's. So far, however, I am impressed. I have seen a marked improvement in handling and I have not noticed any degradation in speed.