Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Introducing the Cirrus Vision SJ50

The Cirrus Design Vision SJ50 (aka Cirrus Jet) made its world debut at Oshkosh today. We were fortunate enough to see it make a low pass along the flightline and land. From my vantage point it looked stable, beautiful and fast. They might have a winner with this one.

I love EAA AirVenture. The Cirrus Vision has only been flying for three weeks and they brought it from Duluth to the show. Cirrus is a company that understands marketing. They know it is critical to get this airplane in front of the largest group of pilots in the world.

The SJ50 will be parked at the Cirrus Design booth for the rest of the show. If you are here, it will be worth a look. Last time they announced something like this it was the SR20, which pretty much single-handily changed the face of General Aviation.

The personal jet is a rapidly emerging market. They have only been talking about personal jets (aka Very Light Jets) for about 3 years. Many companies have entered the race...

Eclipse Personal Jet


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