Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Introducing the Martin Jetpack

The Martin Jetpack flew around 9:30 am today at Oshkosh in front of a huge crowd, but sadly it was not Buck Rogers as I hoped. The unit isn't really a jetpack, it has a 200 HP, 2-stroke, Piston Engine that drives two large ducted fans that are enclosed in a carbon fiber shroud.

The company claims that the Jetpack will fly up to 8,000 feet, burn 10.5 GPH, fly at a max of 61 MPH and has a 31.5 mile range although they have only had it 6 feet off of the ground. They were taking orders for the Jetpack at Oshkosh. They said they are pursuing FAA Light Sport Aircraft Certification and are selling it for $100,000. Personally I'd rather have a Cessna Skycatcher :)

Here's a video produced by Airnav that shows the flight at Oshkosh and some video of other test flights performed by the company.

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j l alloway said...

Martin has given a bird without wings the power to fly... :-)
I want one!